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A woman can romp with three guys in a day and still be fine unlike men – Doreen Kabareebe

Multi-award-winning city model Doreen Kabareebe is of the opinion that a lady can have sex three times a day with different guys and still be fine, unlike men.

Doreen Kabareebe made the statements as she downplayed men’s ability to have romped with different ladies and still sexually perform to the expectations of their wives at home in just a single day.

She noted that when a man gets sex from a different lady when they return home, they sexually perform below par.

Thus backed ladies stress that when a lady serves her cookie jar to someone else outside her relationship, she can still perform exceptionally well as if she had not had coitus from anywhere else without her husband knowing

During the show where Doreen Kabareebe made the statements, she was strongly opposed by her male counterparts who were who included the show host Mr. Henrie and Detacha.

Watch the clip below.

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