Home News Abdul Mulaasi beaten in Mutukula

Abdul Mulaasi beaten in Mutukula

Kadongo Kamu singer Abdul Mulaasi recently faced it rough during his visit to Mutukula where he had gone to perform when a security officer and his other colleagues beat him up.

The “Farm” singer narrated that he forgave the officer who beat him up because he begged to be forgiven for the unfortunate thing he did.

When asked to mention the name of the person who thumped him, he declined reasoning that they had settled their disagreements since he had given him some money for his medication.

He claimed that if he is to reveal the officer’s name and also take the matter to courts of law, the officer would lose his job.

He claimed that he is now treating himself from the hospital though not doing well and condemned the act of the security officer who beat him when even the president had ordered them not to mistreat people.


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