Home News Abtex Promotions Bans Mayanja Family From Clever J’s Concert

Abtex Promotions Bans Mayanja Family From Clever J’s Concert

Events promoter Abbey Musinguzi alias Abtex Promotions has totally banned any Mayanja family member to make their presence known and fell at Clever J’s concert.

Today, Clever J Will be holding his maiden concert dubbed “The Return Of Clever J” at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

The surprising thing about the concert is that Abtex announced how he doesn’t want to see any Mayanja family members present.

Abtex made the announcement during a press conference held at the venue on Thursday Afternoon.

He announced how he doesn’t want either Jose Chameleon, Weasel, Pallaso, Gerard Mayanja, or even Prosy Mayanja present at the show he has organized for Clever J.

He added that not even the grandchildren should come to the venue adding that security will arrest them if they try to come close to Cricket Oval.

Abtex based his point on the fact that the Mayanja have misbehaved a lot for a long period of time adding that the public is fed up with them.

He added that if try crossing to the venue, they will be held for idol and disorderly.

He vowed to show them his true colors if they dare to make access to Lugogo cricket oval today.

Watch the interview clip below;


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