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Ailing Mathias Walukagga warns Dr. Hamza to treat Rema well else she will be snatched

Ailing Kyengera town council mayor, Sir Mathias Walukagga has warned Dr. Hamza Sebunya to treat the love of his life Rehema “Rema” Namakula well else he risks being snatched from him.

Walukagga issued the warning to Dr. Hamza while on his sickbed where he congratulated the celebrity couple upon giving birth to their first child under wedlock.

He then promised to gift the couple with gifts upon welcoming their baby when he gets well.

He further cleared the air maintaining that Rema is just her friend and hinted about the past allegations of having had an affair with her saying they are not true.

Sebunya and Rema congs on giving birth to baby girl, Aaliya Sebunya. We wish the couple the best in their marriage. The good thing so far, we have not heard of any wrangles from their affairs. They should pray to Allah to keep their marriage stable for the rest of the time because if anything happens, it will hurt Rema the more than Sebunya.

Rema, whatever happens to you in this marriage just bear with it and move on but else this does not give Hamza permission to treat you bad else we will take our sister away from you and remain single.



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