Home News Alien Skin Hit With A Polythene Bag Containing Human Waste

Alien Skin Hit With A Polythene Bag Containing Human Waste

Fangone Forest Entertainment singer Alien Skin faced one of the worst nights of his music fame when he was pelted with a flying polythene bag containing human waste.

This situation arose when a group of fans hurled feces at him while he was performing at a show in Northern Uganda.

According to sources, fans reportedly associated with Bobi Wine’s group tossed a polythene bag containing human waste at him as he took the stage to perform his favorite song, “Sitya Danger.”

A video circulating on social media shows Alien Skin visibly distressed by the situation, while his entourage makes a concerted effort to clean him up after the unpleasant incident.

Lately, Alien Skin has faced allegations of making numerous controversial comments, particularly disrespecting Bobi Wine. Bobi Wine’s fans have repeatedly warned him that they would give him a lesson he won’t forget if he continues to speak negatively about their beloved star.

It’s worth noting that many musicians who don’t align with Bobi Wine politically have often been targeted with thrown bottles during their performances. This list includes artists like Bebe Cool, Big Eye, and Catherine Kusasira, among others.

Alien Skin has not publicly commented on the incident, but NUP (National Unity Platform) fans have been celebrating on social media, taunting the singer.


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