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Alien Skin, Nobart Events Get To Each Other’s Throats In A Physical Altercation

Fangone Forest Entertainment singer Alien Skin and events promoter Nobart Events, real name Nobert Twizire, got involved in a physical altercation this evening at a hangout spot in Makindye.

The two went for each other’s throats before they were separated by the onlookers who were present at the scene.

Since the start of this week, Alien Skin has dominated new columns for allegedly demeaning fellow singer Bobi Wine.

Before even the dust could settle, Alien Skin has found himself at the center of another controversy in the non-music-related saga, with events promoter Nobert Events.

Based on a video clip accessed by this website, Alien Skin crossed paths with Nobart after the latter had just finished having lunch.

As Alien greeted them, the events’ promoter stood up and approached him.

He immediately seized the singer by roughly going for his throat as he inquired what he wanted from him with a clear intention to fight.

Then one of Alien Skin’s squad members went for Nobart from behind by holding his neck and was told to leave him.

Nobart immediately grabbed a big stick threatening to injure Alien Skin if he moved closer to him again.


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