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Anitah Fabiola geared up to return on TV soon

Sexy and gorgeous media personality Anita ‘Fabiola’ Kyarimpa is in high spirits as she warms up for her upcoming new TV show.

The excited Fabiola shared the update about her upcoming TV show through her social media accounts saying the show will premier on October 2nd.

She went on to note that the upcoming show is a dream come true stressing that it’s a project that’s so close to her heart.

She added that she has been working extremely tirelessly for close to two years to realize her dream.

Dreams truly come true. In just 12 days, I’ll be launching a project that’s close to my heart. I’ve worked so hard at this for 2 years and it feels amazing to finally see, feel and touch my dream. Made with love for all that love and support me. Count down with me…

Anita Fabiola


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