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Anknown Prosper Admits Enjoys Watching Explicit Content

Singer Anknown Prosper has admitted to enjoying watching explicit nudity content.

He let the public know about his acts through his social media handles when he explained how parenting has lately become so difficult.

The “Nkutumide” singer adds that he has no problem with seeing private photos and videos of girls on the internet as long as they don’t belong to his sister.

“Words alone can’t fix a kid who thinks having a new iPhone is a complete success. If you’re a new parent, just hold on tight as you pray for the best of your kids. Otherwise, you might soon see her private photos trending on the internet. I’ll admit I always get moved seeing such content as I scroll through my phone, but as long as it’s not my sister’s or my own friend’s. Otherwise, God bless America because we are all Americans nowadays days.

He made the comments in regards to the photos and videos that emerged from fashionista, Abraynz’ Kampala Brunch that took place over the weekend.

The event had skimpily dressed ladies who left heads turning and have since become the talk of the town since their dress code left nothing or little to the imagination.


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