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Armed Men Raid Kenyan Singer Willy Paul’s Studio Premises

Kenyan musician Willy Paul has claimed that unknown armed men raided his studio premises.

In a post shared on Instagram, Willy Paul condemned the act and revealed that the men were working for a person known to him.

“I wonder why you’d do that, boss stay out of my life. Sending people with guns to my studio won’t help. Leave me alone. I’m 10 steps ahead. Consider this a warning. I may look stupid but I’m not.”, Willy Paul

In an effort to dispel clout-chasing allegations regarding the ambush at his Saldido Record label, Willy Paul shared CCTV footage of unknown individuals with guns at his premises.

Willy Paul notes that the gunmen raided his studio at around 9.20 pm on Thursday.

He added that armed men wanted to meet him at the premises to close a business deal though he maintains that it was a trap meant to finish him.

Willy Paul urged DCI to act promptly or else he would take matters into his own hands.

“A CCTV footage Of Unknown Gun Men In My Studio Yesterday around 9:20 pm. I got a call From Woman Who Claimed To Be An Event Organizer Who Was Opening Up A Club And That She And Her Partners Wanted Me To Perform At The Launch Of The Club. They Told Me That The Agreement Was To Be Signed In Person By Both Of Us, They Kept Asking Me To Go To Their Office But I Said No Because It Sounded Off!!”

The Saldido President says his Instinct refused to meet the said woman in person after a series of reflags in the communication.

“So They Agreed To Come To My Office But At Night ( red flag ). Deep Down I Had A Feeling That It Was All A Trap That Was Only Meant To Take My Life. Thank God I’m Still Alive And Typing This Info. Anyway, If The dcikenya_ Doesn’t Do Anything About This Then I Will Put Them Down Myselt The Hard Way!! I Thank God For The Lives Of The Boys In My Studio Because Anything Could Have Happened.”


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