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AUDIO ALERT | Rising Star Don Mavis Drops Hit of The Year Dubbed “In The Dark”

Up-and-rising singer Don Mavis, born Don Maviiri Mugwanya, is a talented youngster who is looking forward to establishing himself on Uganda’s music charts.

He has indeed invested time in his craft and is set to add more content and life to his creativity by creating more appealing music for his fans.

This time around, he bounced back with a love song dubbed “In The Dark” where he cries and begs for love from her lover.

Listening to the song, Don Mavis expresses his affection and pours his heart out for the love of his life.

He is heard promising his lover heaven on earth and assuring her how he is set to treat her to the best she has ever dreamed of.

IN The Dark is  Don Mavis’ only song he has so far dropped as he has a couple of them including Sweet Love, Nisha among others which are still in the studio being worked upon.


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