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AUDIO ALERT: Singer GK Lion Drops “Bebe”


Singer, Songwriter, and former talent manager GK Lion who decided to venture out into the music industry has released a new song.

The song that he has shared is titled “Bebe” which is a very positive that spreads positivity.

GK Lion previously worked with several artists including; Killer Finger, Coco Finger, etc. It was during the lockdown that he decided to venture into music

He has dropped singles like “Yitaba”, “Oh My”, and now “Bebe” which we urge most of you to look out for on all music streaming platforms.

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He is working with DJ Janny P as the official promotions manager and they promise the best as a team.

GK Lion is blessed with different vocal abilities as he can transition from one vocal range to another with ease and very swiftly. With the release of more music, we promise you are likely to love his craft and art for the better.

He is such a free soul that he is welcome to work with artists as long as the creative juices align and when the vibe is right everything else just falls in line.

Listen to the song here;