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Azawi expresses willingness to work with Naava Grey, Kemanzi and female rappers

Swangz Avenue songstress, Priscilla Zawedde a.k.a Azawi has expressed her desire to work with fellow female artists on her next music projects.

Azawi rose to fame in 2020 after he had dropped her maiden ”Low Fit” EP when she was still a fresh signee at Swangz Avenue.

From that moment, she went on to release different music projects but surprisingly, throughout the years she has been at the top of her career, she had never worked with fellow female celebrities.

In an interview on Spark TV’s Koona show, the Quinamino singer said that she has a plan to work with female artists and hopes it will be massive.

She even mentioned some of the artists she would like to work with.

These include the usual suspects, Winnie Nwagi, Vinka, and Zafaran who are in Swangz Avenue just like her. Outside of the label, she said that she likes musicians such as Naava Grey, Kemanzi, and female rappers.

“I’m looking towards grand plans of working with fellow female singers. And it’s going to be massive. I want to work with the likes of Winnie Nwagi who is very talented. Also, I will work with Vinka and Zafaran. But I look forward to working with musicians too out of Swangz Avenue like Naava Grey, Kemanzi, and also some female rappers,” she said.

Azawi also gave an overview of her recently released Sankofa Album which is currently doing well. Apparently, Sankofa is a Ghanaian word that means going back to one’s history.

Therefore, this album tells tales from her past such as love, heartbreaks, money, and partying among other things. She even recalled how she got heartbroken and felt the world had come to an end. She didn’t want to shower, eat, look after herself or even think.

However, it’s the people who broke her heart who are regretting now. She knows that they only wish they had treated her right.


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