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Back off my son and family – Bebe Cool’s fatherly advice to King Saha

Gagamel entertainment crew boss Bebe Cool has sent a warning to King Saha requesting him to back off his family and son (Allan Hendrik Ssali)

Bebe Cool sent the stern warning to King Saha reasoning that he has on several occasions gone personal toward throwing shade at Allan Hendrik Ssali’s mother something that doesn’t always sit down well with him.

He states that King Saha made a research about Allan Hendrik Ssali and his mother and then started attacking them which didn’t please him.

The “Wire Wire” singer further explained that even if someone found that he had stabbed him (King Saha) to death, the cause would be him for going bare-knuckles and personal at him.

“Saha, the way I see you, you sing about my son and his mother which means you make research about them. That’s personal. If we finish that line, even if they find that I had stabbed you to death, the cause would be you for going personal with me”, Bebe COOL.

He went on to note that in life there are two things that can make a man lose his cool and force him to kill someone noting that; Money and family are no-going zones.

He concluded by asking King Saha to stop going against his family because it is personal.

“There are two things that men kill for, family and money. I send a stern and fatherly warning to that young man, King Saha. Stay away from my family. Do anything else to Bebe Cool a musician but stay away from my family. If you take my advice it is okay but if you don’t it is also well. Otherwise, I wish him a quick recovery!”, Bebe Cool

He went on to wish King Saha a recovery!


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