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Bad Black requests UCC to cancel some TV programs for airing fake news

Outspoken city socialite Bad Black, born Shanitah Namuyimbwa, has requested the Uganda Communication Commission to immediately put a halt on some TV programs for continuously airing what she termed as “fake news”.

Taking to her Facebook handle in the names of BadBlackUganda Namuyimbwa, the mother of four stressed that such fake news has brought about misleading information amongst the youth.

She went on to question whether the editors and producers of such programs really do their homework before airing such content onset and to the public.

She wondered how can someone produce or air content without fact-checking and have no proof or evidence as well.

Following the fact that she reveals which exact media house she was throwing jibes at, she promised to expose the yet unknown media outlet in a live video that she will conduct on her Facebook.

This goes to the Uganda media and administration media board. UCC should close some tv programs for misleading younger generations by providing fake news every time.

I think before something goes out on national tv it must be with evidence. You can’t be publishing staff without any supporting documents.

Right now it’s English disturbing me will be live today so I explain. bY talking awo you will understand me. Ye where is Lumbuye?

Bad Black

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