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Balaam Barugahara Says Alien Skin Is Open To Join NRM

Events promoter and Radio 4 boss Balaam Barugahara Atenyi has with open hands invited trending musician Alien Skin, real name Patrick Mulwana, to join the ruling party NRM.

Balaam gave Alien Skin the green light to join the NRM following an on feud that he has been involved in with the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) diehards the past few days.

The renowned city events promoter welcomed Alien Skin to NRM as he spoke to reports concerning the online exchange of words that Alien Skin had with NUP fans.

“Alien Skin is highly welcome in the National Resistance Movement (NRM). We are welcoming him with open hands alongside others who are also tired of the opposition,” he said.

Alien Skin has in the past two or three months been the biggest talk of the town for his controversial lifestyle on the entertainment scene.

Some believe he’s been topping the charts not because of his music but because of his actions and behavior.

Others reason that ever since Alien Skin joined the music industry, he has done some good things taking the example of collaborating with some musicians who were being considered faded artists and resurrected their music careers including Clever J, Yung Mulo, Dianah Nalubega among many others.

Despite all that, when Pallaso beat him and he didn’t fight back, fans were on his side. It is not even months, fans who supported him after being slapped by Pallaso have turned against him in no minute.

They trashes him on social media saying they didn’t know he had bad manners. Most of these fans started attacking Alien Skin just became he said something bad about NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine.

According to Balaam Barugahara, it is okay for NUP to drop Alien Skin because NRM is waiting for him with open arms.


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