Home Lifestyle Barbie Kyagulanyi commends Dax Vibez for being well behaved

Barbie Kyagulanyi commends Dax Vibez for being well behaved

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie Kyagulanyi has commended her brother-in-law Dax Vibez for being the well-behaved man he has become on his birthday.

Barbie Kyagulanyi praised Dax Vibez for being humble and polite despite going through a lot of challenges during his upbringing.

Barbie also shared a brief history of how they brought up Dax from childhood with the little knowledge they had about parenting.

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The mother of four went on to stress that she admires Dax’s resilience adding that he makes her happy for the person he has become.

Dax Vibez, on your birthday today, I want to celebrate you and thank you for being that Proverbs 1: 8-9 child who succeeds in his endeavors because he heeds to the counsel of his mother and father.

Thank you for standing the poverty, the hunger, the uncomfortable sleeping conditions and the “clueless parents” that we were while raising you.I admire your resilience son, You make us very proud.

We wish you many more happy years ahead. May you grow to raise your own children and instil in them the good virtues that we see in you. Happy birthday my super star.

Barbie Kyagulanyi


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