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Bruno K offers to help demoralized boys dance group on ‘Yolesa Ekitone’ talent search

Singer Bruno Kigundu alias Bruno K has pledged to extend a helping hand towards a boys’ dance group that was ashamed and demoralized about their talent at “Yolesa Ekitone” talent search over the weekend.

Bruno K offered to help the boys publicly following the remarks that were told to them by one of the judges at the talent search known as Alex Mukulu.

During the weekend’s edition, Panelist Alex Mukulu made serious and choking remarks about the boys for having a bad scent coming out of them that left fellow judges in laughter.

Upon the youths exhibiting their dance talent, Alex Mukulu boldly told them how they had a bad scent that couldn’t let him enjoy their dance moves due to the bad odour that was coming out of them.

He then advised them to use local herbs like Bombo to get rid of the bad scent the next time they show up on stage to show off their talents.

Alex Mukulu’s statements towards the boys sent a sour taste in the mouth of many online individuals who came across the video clip and caused a stir on different pages.

This forced some to sympathize with the youthful boys and among them is Bruno K who has offered to help them with their talent.

He stated that he is to feature them in his next video with payment in order to make sure that nobody ever disrespects them again.

Please Facebook help me locate these boys. They have to headline in my next video and it ain’t for free am paying them and I will personally make sure that nobody will ever disrespect them and demotivate them as Mr. Alex did.

You should stop these talent shows if you are going to embarrass young lads like this judge did. These young men rehearsed for this audition of course they had to sweat because dancing is intense. Why embarrass them to this bit? Mwedeko

Bruno K


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