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Chameleone was reduced to a beggar because he wasted his money on women – DJ Jacob Omutuuze

Bwanamwaya LC 3 councilor DJ Jacob Omutuuze, real name Akugunzibwe Jacob, is of the idea that singer Jose Chameleone was reduced to a beggar because he blew his money on women when he was still at his prime in the music industry.

While appearing on Urban TV’s Rush Hour show, DJ Jacob stressed that it is absurd to see Jose Chameleone pleading for cash handouts from Gen. Salim Saleh yet in the past years he was making lots and lots of money.

He stressed how at the moment, Chameleone has to be a proud owner of a big record label in East Africa and probably be having a charity organization that he runs but he has none of the mentioned projects.

He drew a comparison of Chameleone and Diamond Platnumz saying the latter is far much better than the former stating how he has used his money to invest wisely in different projects.

DJ Jacob, however, advised Chameleone to go ahead and plan for his old age if he gets some good money from Gen. Saleh.

At his age and experience, Jose Chameleone should be owning a record label and at least a charity org to help the needy.

With the few years that he has been in the industry Diamond Platnumz already owns these. It is really absurd that Chameleone, with all the years he has been at the top of the industry he is a beggar today.

This is all because, unlike Diamond who planned for his earning from music, Chameleone and his colleagues blew it on women. If he is lucky and gets some money from Saleh, my advice to him would be that he uses it to plan for his old age.

DJ Jacob Omutuuze

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