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Chameleone’s dad extends support to a family struggling with a child born without eyes

Mr. Gerard Mayanja, the father to Jose Chameleone, Weasel, and Pallaso extended support to a family in Bombo who are struggling with a child who was born without eyes.

Mr. Mayanja reached out to the family with food items like posho, rice, bread, soap, beans, and other items after feeling touched by how the family is struggling to raise the child who is unable to see on his own.

According to the boys mother, she narrated that she gave birth to the boy from Bombo barrack hospital by the help of Chinese doctors and after giving birth, she was reffered to Mulago hospital at the eye care centre but on reaching the facility, she did not get help since she found when the doctors had left.

She faced another challenge of shortage of funds with no one to take care of her while in the hospital and since she had pain after operation while giving birth, she could not keep on returning to the hospital for treatment.

Based on the reasons the boy’s mother gave, Mr. Mayanja requested whoever is in position to help the boy get treatment to support the family so that he can live a happy life.

He further requested anyone who can still support the boy attain education to support the child reasoning that it is hard to raise a child with such a defect without education noting that life will be very hard on his side.

We thank Mr. Gerard Mayanja for showing a good gesture towards helping the needy and underprivilged families.


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