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Chameleone’s manager Mutima apologizes to Spice Diana for delaying to clear her balance

On Saturday 27th August during the Masaka street jam, Source management singer Spice Diana went on a rant live on stage and called out Manager Robert Nkuke Jackson alias Mutima for not clearing her balance.

The bitter and vividly upset Spice Diana mid-way through her stage performance took a pause and demanded Mutima clear her balance.

She threatened that if Mutima fails to pay her, the show was to end there and then.

She instructed revelers who were enjoying a good time each to pick whatever they could and move away with it in protest saying some promoters take artists for granted by not fully paying them.

She stated that she couldn’t turn down the not showing up at the show but felt very disappointed in Mutima’s acts of not being willing to pay.

Following Spice Diana’s rant that went viral online, Mutima saw it wise to apologize to her.

He visited Spice Diana at her home and requested to be forgiven for delaying paying her balance saying it will never happen again since they are friends and colleagues in the music industry.


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