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Chosen Becky shares how she spent a week without bathing her first son

Recently while speaking in an interview, singer Chosen Becky stunned her fans when she disclosed that the first time she gave birth at a tender age (15), at one time, she took a week without bathing her son.

Since she was still young and naïve, in her mind she thought that if a baby keeps indoors all day and night that implies that they clean.

However, that wasn’t the case and having spent a week with bathing her son, the baby started crying endless for two good days.

Due to her baby’s constant crying, she chose to visit her mum to give her some advice on what to do next. Immediately she met her mum and handed over the baby to her, she asked how long had she taken without showering her baby.

Thereafter, her mom showered the baby and he immediately slept off for over 10 hours and woke up in fine shape.

She also first explained that the first time she got involved in a relationship was in P.7 when a guy identified as Kimera David promised to give her chips.

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