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Chosen Becky Shows Off Baby Heather Mutebi’s Adorable Face For The First Time

Songster Chosen Becky, legally known as Rebecca Kukiriza, and her lover Dictator Amir have shown off their baby Heather Mutebi’s face for the very first time.

After keeping their baby’s face hidden from the public for over three years, Chosen Becky and Dictator Amir, have made their baby’s first public debut.

Becky and Amir had kept images of their first child together under wraps for over three years before showing him off via TikTok over the weekend.

The parents decided of keeping their son’s photos private as a way of keeping him away from the grips of social media.

Over the weekend, however, the young parents created a new TikTok account under Baby Heather Mutebi’s name and shared videos of him as well as having fun with his elder brother.

Within a few days of the account establishment, Heather Mutebi has already garnered over 5K followers and 40K likes on the video-sharing platform.

Whatever the couple’s reasoning is for finally sharing their baby boy with the world, fans all over agree that he is absolutely adorable!

Delving into the comment section of videos shared on Heather’s TikTok account, users fawned over his sweet face and debated whether he looked more like dad or mom.



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