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Cindy Sanyu reveals how her ex-lover used to pee in the sink late at night

Singer Cindy Sanyu stunned her followers when she shared a video on her Facebook page revealing how her ex-lover used to wake up late at night to pee in the sink.

Cindy Sanyu opened up about her ex-lover’s weird behavior as she was sharing a story about her life that most of her fans were not familiar with and had not heard of before.

As her followers waited to hear the name of her ex-lover who used to pee in the sink late at night, she however declined to reveal the name.

Cindy Sanyu reasoned that she declined to mention her ex-lovers name because she didn’t want to put her ex-lover’s reputation at stake.

During the period she was in the relationship with him, she wondered whether it was a men’s habit to always pee in the sink.

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