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Cindy Sanyu’s friends throw her a surprise bridal shower

Singer Cindy Sanyu was treated to a beautiful bridal shower by her very close friends and family relatives on Friday evening.

While at the bridal shower bash, Cindy disclosed that she was tricked by one of her friends that they were going to meet one of their friend’s uncle who works in a big office in the government to give them some money for her coming marital ceremonies.

At first, Cindy tried to declined the offer suggesting that their uncle’s friend could send his contribution through mobile money. She was however sweet-talked and convinced that their friends’ uncle wanted to meet her personally till she accepted to him.

On arrival at the location where Cindy was to meet their friends’ uncle, she was surprised to find that her very close friends and some family relatives had organised her a bridal shower.

When asked why they didn’t throw her a baby shower, they disclosed that Cindy Sanyu hates baby showers so much reasoning some individauls turn up for such events only to curse other people’s unborn babies.

Her friends chose to treat her to a bridal because her Kwanjula and wedding ceremonies are set for next month on the 5th and 11th respectively and as well she about to give birth also.

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