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Comedian Madrat reportedly converts from Christianity to Islam

Comedian Dickson Lubega alias Madrat of the comedy duo outfit Madrat and Chiko has converted from Christianity to Islam.

Madrat reportedly converted to Islam a few days when he visited Zanzibar for comedy–related duties.

Based on the video which has gone viral online,Madrat was sighted in the group of Muslim witnesses and an Imam as he made his shahada confession and suggested that he had gladly accepted Islam as his religion willingly without being forced.

Madrat disclosed that he converted to Islam because he has been helped by Muslim friends in his entire life compared to his Christianity friends who only invite him for a bottle of beer.

He further said that when his father passed on, a man called Juma in Mukono took the responsibility for raising him up but he never forced him to convert to Islam that with such kind gestures from Muslim friends and people influenced his choice of embracing Islam.

Although he never revealed his new Muslim name ,but we are sure he will once after issuing an official statement about the story .
Madrat has joined list of artists and celebrities like Geosteady ,Vincent Ssegawa who already embraced Islam.

He has, however, left several of his fans wondering if it is just comedy or reality since he is yet to reveal his new Islamic name to the public.


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