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Comedian Reign Graduates From St Lawrence University

Renowned comedian Reign Omusoyisoyi, born Lubega Karmi Obedi, of the popular comedy duo outfit REIGN AND MAULANA has successfully graduated from St. Lawrence University.

The comedian graduated with a Diploma in Education after enrolling at the University for two solid years.

The graduation ceremony is St Lawrence University’s 14th, where Reign Omusoyisoyi was among the numerous graduates who culminated their studies.

Reign shared the news of his graduation on his social media platforms, expressing his enthusiasm for this significant milestone in his academic journey.

His decision to further his education adds him to the list of celebrities in the entertainment industry who are pursuing higher studies.

According to reports, Reign decided to soar his academic qualifications in preparation for his candidacy in the parliamentary election in 2026.

He has of recent been in the close company of Hon. Francis Zaake Butebi and Lop Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi as he even visited the latter’s office.

Congratulations Reign upon the successful  completion of your education journeyand a fresh course awaits ahead!


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