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Comparing Sheila Salta to another woman in Kampala would be stupid – Maxim Kizito Steurbaut

NBS TV’s Sheila Salta’s ex-baby daddy Maxim ‘Kizito’ Steurbaut says comparing his ex-lover to any woman in Kampala would be very stupid of any person to do so.

Maxim Kizito made the statement while appearing in an interview on Galaxy FM where he was asked to talk about his ex-baby mama.

In the interview, Maxim was full of praise for Sheila Saltofte as he described her as the most beautiful woman in Kampala.

The reason we have referred to the two as ex-lovers are based on the rumor that spread that Sheila Salta was not on good terms with her mzungu lover as the latter hinted at their breakup by showing off his new car.

After just nine months since Maxim proposed to NBS TV presenter Salta, their relationship had reportedly hit a dip and the power couple was ending in parallel lanes.

However, when asked about his relationship with the NBS Katchup co-host in an exclusive interview with Galaxy FM, Maxim Kizito surprised many as he showered praises and sweet nothings to his fiance thereby rubbishing rumors and the possibility of the couple calling it quits.

Sheila is a special woman for sure. Comparing her to another woman in Kampala would be stupid. I don’t think that there’s anybody more talented and beautiful like Sheila.

Maxim Kizito


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