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Diana Murua jots down 13 points why Kevin Bahati is her best lover

Singer Kevin Bahati’s wife Diana Murua took to her Instagram account and jotted down 13 lovely points while disclosing why she believes that her husband is the best partner ever.

Going by her post, Diana Murua stated a couple of points heaping praise on Kevin Bahati with sweet words and expressed how deep she keeps on falling in love with him.

She started by thanking God for giving her a partner who loves her wholeheartedly and always pushing her to be the best.

1. Loving Me Whole Heartedly
2. For Giving me a Peace of Mind
3. For Pushing me to be my Best
4. For Giving me a shoulder to lean on
5. For Loving and Providing for Our Kids
6. Buying me a House
7. Buying me a Car
8. Getting me Land to Build our Dream Home
9. For Annoying me sometimes 😂
10. Telling me you Love me Everyday
11. Waking up Last Night to give me hot water when I was coughing my chest out. This warmed my heart 😭
12. Being my King But You still Watch Your Queen Conquer.
13. Thank You For Everything.

You are The Best Partner The Universe Could Ever Give Me. Let’s Keep Winning. I WILL ALWAYS TREASURE YOU!!!!! @BahatiKenya

Diana Murua

When Kevin Bahati crossed paths with Murua’s sweet and heartwarming lovely letter, he also responded positively saying he is as well happy to be with her as her baby mama.

Being With You is all I need. Girl, I’m Happy that You are Mine 😍❤️

Kevin Bahati


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