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DJ Jacob Omutuuze arrested at Dubai airport on allegations of having a fake visa, passport blacklisted

Dembe Fm’s presenter Djjacob Omutuuze is languishing behind bars at the Dubai airport on allegations of being in possession of a fake visa.

He claims that he has been detained for four days now and his passport has been revoked and blacklisted by the authorities never to step his feet in Dubai again.

DJ Jacob Omutuuze, born Jacob Akugunzibwe Kyaligonza, is facing the challenge of lacking where to sleep and what to eat for the past four days he has been jailed.

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He claims that this is not the first time Dubai immigration is calling him a Nigerian. The good news though is that Pallaso and Mary Flavia Namulindwa Kubula are trying hard to help but nothing has come to light up to now.

He has requested the Ugandan Embassy Abu Dhabi to swing into action to get him out of prison saying that the way they treat people is inhuman calling upon Human Rights to intervene.

It’s coming 4 days since am detained at Dubai airport terminal 1 without anything to eat or sleep on and the weather is not good on my side.

These people are saying am having a fake passport which doesn’t belong to me plus fake visa.This is not the first time (for the) Dubai immigration to call me a Nigerian.

My passport is blacklisted to never enter Dubai again but still waiting (for the) Dubai immigration for the next step.

Pallaso and MARY Flavia Namulindwa Kubula are trying to help me out but nothing is yet out. Uganda Embassy Abu Dhabi I need your help to overcome this stupid life am facing. The way they treat people down here, Human Rights should intervene.

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