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Don’t believe the rumors: Charles Wa Asia is alive and well, says SB4 Media

Ssalongo Rogers Ssebunya alias SB4 Media has come clean about reports that made rounds announcing TikTok Content Creator Charles Wa Asia dead by comfirming he is alive.

Taking to his socials, Ssalongo SB4 asked the public to disregard the reports.

He further termed the news “fake and untrue” as he assured the nation that Charles Wa Asia is alive and sound without any medical complaint.

SB4 went ahead to set the record striaght when he claimed that the news that was passed was from a psuedo account disguising under his brand.

He alerted his followers to report or block the account that made the announcements.

“This is fake news. CHARLES IS THERE AND LIVE..(Charles gyali ela Mulamu).. Whoever sees or comes close to this account, block it or report it.. It is not our account, and SB4 Media tuggusa ensonga has no attachment. Be Alert ⚠️ 📢. Thanks. SB4 MEDIA TUGGUSA ENSONGA MANAGEMENT,” the statement read.

The reports put the public on tention as others were quick to send comforting messages to Charles Wa Asia’s family.


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