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Doreen Kabareebe Launches Scorching Attack Against Full Figure

Renowned USA-based Ugandan model and philanthropist Doreen Kabareebe has gone bare-knuckle against blabbermouthed media personality and former gospel singer Jeniffer “Full Figure” Nakanggubi.

Taking to her Facebook page, a seemingly disgusted Doreen Kabareebe with Full Figure’s statements and remarks about certain topics that she always gives her opinion about, she perhaps found no substance in them.

The mother of one thus got fed up with her reasoning capacity and blasted the Presidential Assistant Advisor saying she utters a lot of crap and nonsense whenever she opens her mouth.

Full Figure’s mouth is like a latrine, kyona ekifulumayo kiba kiwunya!

Since Full Figure doesn’t take in any kind of insult, anytime from now, Mrs. Doreen Kabareebe Harris should be ready to face the backlash of her own medicine as the former will come out all guns blazing.

As of now, we are about to experience a verbal exchange of words between the two since Full Figure will turn out armed with all sorts of words to dismantle Doreen Kabareebe.


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