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Doreen Nasasira, Bina Babie point fingers at each other for going years without having sex

Nation Media personalities Doreen Nasasira and Bina Babie recently blamed each other for taking long without having sex while conducting their weekly relationship talk show.

The pair who had hosted Dr. Asiimwe started pointing fingers at each other when the doctor told them that it is good and healthy to have sex reasoning that sex has a lot of benefits to women.

Before the doctor could even complete his statement, Doreen Nasasira briskly chipped in while pointing her finger at Bina Babie publicly telling her to start having sex.

Nasasira disclosed that Bina Babie has so far taken seven (7) years without making love with any man.

Bina Babie who couldn’t also hold her breath also pointed fingers at Nasasira revealing that she has so far taken two years without making love.

Upon disclosing each other’s secret, Dr. Asiimwe asked them not to punish themselves stating that sex will help them feel fresh and live peacefully.

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