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Dr. Bitone Bitone’s children hospitalized after being hit by a fast speeding vehicle

Singer Dr. Bitone Bitone, real name Kawuki Denis, spent Thursday night in the hospital looking after his two children who were hit by a fast-speeding vehicle.

Based on his statement across his socials, Dr. Bitone Bitone narrated that his two son’s Jammy and Jordan got hit by the fast-speeding vehicle as they were returning home from a place he didn’t disclose.

He stressed that the nasty accident took place late in the evening at 6 pm and the kids were rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment.

He then requested his followers to put his two children in prayers for quick recovery.

“I need your prayers comrades, this evening at around 6 pm my boys jammy and Jordan were knocked by a car on their way back home. We are in the hospital right now”, Dr. Bitone Bitone
Going by the video clips that he shared later on in the night, one of his children had fractured his leg and had been put on cement while the other was crying loud while calling him (dad, dad, dad) seeming to be in severe pain.
We at UG Kafunda, request you to put Dr. Bitone’s Jammy and Jordan in our prayers for a quick recovery.

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