Home News East Africa’s regional partners of LaLiga U-Bet rebrand to M-Bet Uganda

East Africa’s regional partners of LaLiga U-Bet rebrand to M-Bet Uganda

East Africa’s official regional partners of LaLiga U-Bet rebranded to M-Bet Uganda at a press conference that was held at Legends rugby grounds on Tuesday.

Prior to the company’s change of face to M-Bet, U-Bet has been in the gaming business for about five years and the company has sisters in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia who are doing pretty well.

While at the re-branding presser, the company’s sales manager Benard Musinguzi noted that they under went through the phase to reach out to more potential customers.

The decision was made to compete favorably with other betting companies in the country as they promised to serve their customers with bigger and better services in the gaming world.

At the grand launch, the M-Bet sales manager revealed how they have the best odds for punters to bet on adding that they also have very many different sports disciplines that anyone can bet on from Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Netball, Cricket, plus many other digital racing games.

Apparently, they plan opening up well equipped service centers in a very short-term to enable all their customers have a smooth betting experience.

For those who were worried about how long they would exist in the business, worry no more as the M-Bet manager Mr. Kenneth assured the nation that they are here to stay for good and won’t behave like any other betting companies that have treated punters in a similar way.

They furthermore assured the nation how the M-Bet website is up to speed and pays instantly when one wins a bet.

The minimum stake for betting is Shs750 and payout up to Shs500M and the payments can be easily received by mobile money.


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