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Eddie Ssendi: Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, and Chameleone beef will never end, they are in a love-hate relationship

Dembe FM music critic Edward Ssendi is of the opinion that Uganda’s top three musicians Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, and Jose Chameleone’s beef will never end stating that the trio is in a love-hate relationship.

Edward Ssendi spoke out his mind about the three artists as he was responding to Bobi Wine’s statement where he branded artists as beggars who went for a music training course in Gulu with Gen. Salim Saleh.

Bobi Wine’s statement rubbed many artists the wrong way and among them was Edward Ssendi who totally disagreed with his remarks against artists.

Edward Ssendi however stands in solidarity with Jose Chameleone though he maintains the trio have similar characters whereby none of them can give the other a shoulder or hand to rise to fame in peace.

Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, and Jose Chameleone will never agreed to the same thing or move together as one. In fact, there beef will never end. The other thing is that all of them have the same or similar character. People who have similar characters they usually don’t like each other.

I even said this immediately when Chameleone had just joined NUP and I told the public that none of the two can offer one another a chance to lift the other. So in English they say those have a love-hate relationship

Edward Ssendi


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