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Emanuel Lwasa Can’t Ditch Me For Another Babe – Angel Kwakunda

Masaka City businessman Lwasa Emmanuel Kaweesi’s ex-lover, Angel Kwakunda has come out and maintained that no woman can snatch her husband stressing that she is not that easy to chuck. 

Angel Kwakunda made the assurance through a Tik Tok video that has been trending where she was traveling with a lady she identified as her Ssenga.

In the clip, Angel warned all those who are interested in Lwasa to go slow with her husband’s sausage as she noted that she isn’t easily dumped like garbage just like that.

Despite their bitter break up, it’s reported that Angel is one woman whom tycoon Lwasa dearly loved to the extent of entrusting her with his businesses and bank accounts.

In a trending social media Tik Tok video, Angel is spotted hailing the tremendous work done by her Senga to reconcile her with tycoon Lwasa.

Angel is thereafter heard announcing her mega comeback to her marital home since she is team “No Divorce!”

“My Senga is really doing a fantastic job. I’m team “No divorce!” I have no where to go. I pity all those yearning for my husband’s sausage. They should stand warned caz I’m not easily dumped.”- Angel Kwakunda.

It insinuated that it was a trap set Lwasa to parade off his purportedly new catch in the guise of attracting and bringing back his lost bee (Angel Kwakunda) so as to pollinate his life once again as she always did.

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