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Emanuel Lwasa speaks out on the alleged Diana Nabatanzi sex tape, confirms she is the one

Masaka City Businessman Emanuel Lwasa Kaweesi has spoken out about his ex-lover and BBS Telefayina presenter Diana Nabatanzi’s alleged leaked sex tape confirming she is the one in the video.

According to Emmanuel Lwasa, who had several outings with the media personality when they were still romantically dating revealed that the person in the video was Nabatanzi.

He backed his statement reasoning that since he came across photos of Nabatanzi getting married, the two while having their sexual pleasure, could have forgotten to shut the door and someone else recorded them while in the act.

Yes. She (Diana Nabatanzi) is the one in the video. She in fact, gets elpilises and blacks out whenever she is excited, enjoying, and happy. That’s what I saw. And when I saw all her signs of blacking out I confirmed she is the one.

Emmanuel Lwasa

The only thing that perturbs me is are the continuous insults that people send me yet am not the one who released the video.

If I that comes across that video before getting married, I would have actually fainted. Fortunately, everything happened when I had already flipped that page.


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