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FBM Rapper Feffe Bussi Confirms 2024 Concert Date

Self-styled Smallest Rapper Frank Mukiiza alias Feffe Bussi recently announced that he will be holding a concert very soon.

While doing a freestyle session at the Nkumba University Trade Bazar, the “Who Is Who” rapper confirmed the dates on which his concert will go down.

In a jolly and entertaining style, the FBM rapper confirmed that his concert will be held on the 18th of May 2024.

He, however, didn’t disclose the venue where the concert will be held but we hope he will be letting his fans and followers know when he finalizes settling the venue booking payments.

This will be Feffe Bussi’s maiden concert ever since he rose to the limelight as one of the celebrated rappers in the +256.

So those who will be attending his concert better start to save now before he even announces the gate tax.

While freestyling, Feffe Bussi assured the University students how Karole Kasita and her baby “King” would be present at his concert.


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