Home Gossip Feffe Bussi Brands Women In Ugandan Showbiz “Users And Selfish”

Feffe Bussi Brands Women In Ugandan Showbiz “Users And Selfish”

Self-styled Smallest rapper Frank Mukiiza, popularly known as Feffe Bussi, is unhappy with most of the ladies in the Ugandan showbiz industry.

To express his bitterness with a host of the ladies in the industry, the “Who Is Who” singer branded them as “Users and Selfish”.

While appearing in an interview with Urban TV, Feffe Bussi stung female stars in the industry starting from fellow musicians, video vixens, and bar slay queens.

The angry Feffe did not spit any names out but his words were clearly directed to someone who had angered him and also from his experience as a top rapper for almost 10 years.

Feffe Bussi said that such people need to stop pretending if their love and friendship is not real.

For years, Feffe Bussi has been one of the down-to-earth people in the music industry but after his recent fallout with Karole Kasita after their relationship went south, he was not left the same as previously.

Apparently, whenever he gets the chance to strike at them, he goes all out with no fear or favor.


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