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Feffe Bussi digests Gen. Saleh and artistes meeting in “Emboozi Ye Gulu”

Self-proclaimed smallest rapper Feffe Bussi has dropped a brand new hot jam dubbed “Emboozi Ye Gulu” outlining all the events that took shape during Gen. Salim Saleh and artistes meeting in Gulu the past week.

Listening to the track, Feffe Bussi stresses how the story started from the time when artistes decided to form the Uganda Superstars Association to when Slyvia Owori called them to head to Gulu to hold a meeting with Gen. Saleh the co-ordinator of the Operation Wealth Creation.

Basing on Nubian Li’s in-law, Feffe Bussi had in mind that he and his colleagues had one mission and vision only to find out later that other artists had their own intentions.

He goes on to narrate that during the meeting, Gen. Salim Saleh introduced his “One music center” which they refused to accept.

“General Saleh told us that he paid for E- concert for the artists to perform and get paid, we told him that the money was stolen”. Feffe Bussi narrated in Emboozi ye Gulu song.

Listen to the track that is making news headlines at the moment.

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