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Feffe Bussi Full of Praise For Karole Kasita’s Stage Energy, Calls Her ‘Stage Goddess’

Recording and performing rapper Frank Mukiiza alias Feffe Bussi heaped praise upon musician Karole Kasita describing her as a “Stage Goddess”.

Feffe Bussi made the description to Karole Kasita during her presser for her forthcoming concert that is slated for 17th November 2023 at UMA showgrounds.

“You can’t name 2 performers in Uganda and the name Karole Kasita misses out. That’s why we call her the Stage Goddess,” he said.

These two have been rumored to be romantically involved. It started in 2021 when an audio of their flirty conversation leaked on social media.

In the audio, Karole Kasita sounded like she was the one trying to pursue Feffe Bussi and he wasn’t on the same page with her.

Social media was shocked when Kasita announced that she was pregnant. So many people thought that the child was Feffe Bussi’s. Unfortunately, Kasita’s former manager, Joram spilled all the dirty secrets.

He said that Feffe is not the father of the child and he was so much angry after finding out that. Kasita’s baby daddy has never been in the media but still, she is so much closer with Feffe Bussi.

In the upcoming concert, the songstress is being fully supported by the rapper. He is acting like her manager as they are doing interviews together.

Even at the press conference, he made it a point to praise Kasita telling her how powerful and talented she is.


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