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Fik Fameica Opens Up About Hacked YouTube Channel

Fresh Gang Entertainment rapper Shafik Walukagga a.k.a Fik Fameica alias Fresh Bwoy through his Instagram opened up on his hacked YouTube channel that he lost six months ago.

The versatile Fik Fameica who does hip-hop, afrobeat, and Afropop says it’s been a while since his YouTube channel was stolen and that’s why he hasn’t been in position giving out his King Kong album videos and more.

Fik Fameica says when his YouTube channel was just stolen, he didn’t put it up in public because he thought it wasn’t going to take him this long getting it back.

Nevertheless, he promises his fans that very soon, he is getting it back. However even in that dismay, Fameica thanks God who has enabled him keep the energy, relevancy, and consistency.

“iamfikfameica it has been six months now since I lost access to my U tube channel, that’s why I’ve not been giving you videos off my album King Kong but I thank God that didn’t stop me from being relevant and consistent I’ve managed to drop hits through collaborations like#pose #Myguy #enoutterten and now #ChawChaw.

I didn’t want to put this information public coz I didn’t think it will take this long to solve the issue. We are working on getting the channel back. But regardless we move, we shall go through this Inshallah! God you all!” He posted.
Fik Fameica is not the only artist to have lost his YouTube channel to hackers as their several artists who have been through this same hole and managed to recovery there channels.
Positively, he is confident that he will soon recover it since his tech team is working around the clock to fix the issue.


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