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Frank Gashumba regrets meeting a babe with high libido whereas a monster in bed

Frank Malimungu Gashumba regrets the day he vibed a babe who was a monster in bed.

While narrating his encounter, Gashumba explained that he hit a babe who almost made him drink gallons of water just in a single night.

This was due to the fact that the slay queen wanted Gashumba to be chewing her every after 30 minutes.

He opened up about his sex life during an interview on Beat FM as he shared his story with Mukunja narrating how the babe had a high sexual appetite that he couldn’t match and also didn’t have the energy to cool down her libido as she wanted to be sexed the whole night.

“There are some babes whose appetite is for World Cup. I had one, at midnight she wanted a match, at 3 am and 4 am, I enter the office the next day as if I slept at the burial. I asked myself, what is this? I studied economics and don’t have that energy”.

Frank Gashumba

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