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Frank Gashumba trashes Janzi Awards, describes them as fake and useless

Sisimuka Uganda Founder Frank Gashumba has described Janzi Awards as “fake and useless” awards event.

The outspoken socialite furthermore threw shade at the award organizers stating that the event is just a waste of the taxpayer’s money.

He reasoned that they have no impact to the entertainment based on the fact that awards lost meaning and ceased being prestigious long ago.

Frank Gashumba added that the only legit awards Uganda has ever held were the Pearl Of Africa Awards (PAM) and since their collapse their has never been any serious again.

He explained that as artists they don’t need the awards but rather need the economy to be opened and lockdown lifted and hustle as they used to do back in the days.

He went on to note that holding the Janzi Awards was just an avenue for the few to steal the taxpayer’s money which they have successfully executed.

Frank Gashumba made the striking comments through a video clip that Ziza Bafana shared their across his Instagram account.

He also questioned artists reasoning who have attended the awards noting that if he was a musician, he would’ve not shown face at the event.

He asked musicians to take Bobi Wine’s knowledge seriously stating that if they are to be serious, the government cannot rule them the way it does.


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