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Gabriel K involved in a motor accident

Smooth and deep vocal singer Gabriel K got involved in a motor accident last night at Acacia Avenue.

According to the singer, he shared an image of his BMW car when it had rammed into a new Mark X.

Fortunately, the person who was driving the Mark X was understanding when Gabriel K apologized to him for scratching his car.

After the polite talk, the Mark X driver drove off to his destination but the accident left Gabriel K’s car damaged the most though not very terribly as his bumper will cost him a few shillings to get repaired.

He then captioned the post as, “What I just did to someone 
luckily he is such a gentleman. I got away easy. Don’t ask me what happened. … I am a good driver”

“My bad! My car just kissed another… But he was a good guy and he let me off easy! Don’t text and drive “– gabriel k.

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