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God’s Plan chickens out on releasing striking video that hits ex-lover Sheilah Gashumba

Wednesday night, Ugandan entertainment followers where eagerly waiting on Sheilah Gashumba’s ex-lover Ali Marcus Lwanga alias God’s Plan to release a ‘nasty’ striking video that hits the former.

Many where very ready to watch God’s Plan crush and rip apart Sheilah Gashumba into small tiny chewable pieces in a manner that was going to expose all her dirty linen.

The wait was on after God’s Plan had threatened to spill Sheilah Gashumba’s career destroying images and deeds after revealing how she romped with Eddy Kenzo and Vinka’s hubby Nelly Witta.

To their dismay, when God’s Plan appeared at around 11 pm to release the content he had promised, he chickened out on his promise.

He gave a story that he forgave Sheilah in the name of respect to her family and little siblings adding that it would look awful to crush a family that was once welcoming to him.

God’s Plan, however, advised Sheilah to change and calm down on how she moves her life noting that sometime she may land in deep hot waters that she may not recover from.

Checkout the video below.

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