Home News Grace Khan safely gives birth to bouncing baby girl

Grace Khan safely gives birth to bouncing baby girl

Overwhelming congratulatory messages and remarks are flowing singer Grace Khan’s way for safely giving birth to a bouncing baby girl.

On Sunday night 5th December, Grace Khan was rushed to Rubabga hospital while in a situation ready to give birth but she didn’t till today 6th/12/2021 when God made her able to push.

She welcomed her first child with a lot of joy from friends, family, and relatives. She revealed the name of her child as Illona Grannah.

Congratulations Grace Khan upon the safe delivery!

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Lately, Grace Khan has been grabbing news headlines over who is responsible for her baby and often she has mentioned singer Prince Omar but the latter kept on distancing himself from the allegations.

When Prince Omar was pinned in a recent interview, he neither confirmed nor denied the allegations but left the question hanging in the balance.

Since Khan has given birth, we wait to see if Prince Omar will pay her a visit in the hospital or at home. However, we are eager to see if Prince Omar will admit to carrying out DNA to put the allegations about him being the baby dad to Khan’s baby to bed.

Congratulations Grace Khan!

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