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Grace Khan Sheds Tears As She Apologizes To Her Baby Daddy, Prince Omar

Former Da NU Eagles band singer Grace Namuwulya, popularly known as Grace Khan is in tears.

The updates come through following a viral video that is trending online where the singer is seen on live TV apologizing to her baby daddy for demeaning him.

In the video clip, Grace Khan goes down on both of her knees and requests Prince Omar to forgive her for the statements she previously made in an audio that was shared online by one of her friends who betrayed her.

Having asked for an apology from her baby daddy, Prince Omar, Grace Khan took back her seat and broke down in tears as the TV host couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

She promised that she won’t repeat the same thing since this is the third time a similar incident is happening to her as she is often betrayed by the people who she calls her friends.

The all-upset Grace Khan also begs for forgiveness from Prince Omar’s family kindly asking that her apology be put into consideration as she looks to totally change her behavior and as of now she focuses on her daughter to have a bright future ahead.

She notes that she even fears going back home to stay with Prince Omar before the misunderstanding is not resolved.

Fortunately, the TV host is willing to help intervene into the matters to make sure that Grace Khan settles home without feeling guilty anymore.


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