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Grace Nakimera shares how she was sent evil spirits with an intent to end her life

Gospel singer Grace Nakimera has revealed that she quit secular music because of the evil spirits that where sent to her with the intent to end her life.

She explained that while she was still a secular musician someone tortured her with for two good years plus without getting sleep every night.

Grace Nakimera stressed that she couldn’t sleep from 3pm to 5am throughout that period of time.

She noted that she got terribly sick and was all the time shivering and would tremble so severely yet the doctors couldn’t find any sickness within her.

She went on disclose that when she could pray, she would feel better and the spirit would disappear for some few moments.

“I knew that my password was just Jesus. Just that name, Jesus. Because I remember calling my mom, and requesting for help. This was because the person who had sent me the evil spirits, had aimed at ending my life. As in to kill me. In that moment, I learned very many interesting things.

This spiritual attack went on for two years. From 3pm to 5am I wouldn’t sleep every night and days in and throughout the year. I didn’t sleep for two and plus. But after the two years, then I started sleeping at night. Before that, I wouldn’t sleep every day and different things would attack me time and time again. I got really sick, and I was all the time shivering.

I would shiver severely for long hours and from the core of my body, I was always cold. I would tremble for hours and whenever the doctors would check me, they always found no sickness. All the doctors to tried checking but none of them could figure out the sickness because I had the money and everything. So, I realized that my sickness was for the soul and not the body.

Doctors could not figure that out and others would say that am only stressed and come up with heavy bills on me. Thing was that whenever I prayed, It would go. So, along the night, that thing wore me up and whenever we prayed it would disappear. But it would attack me all night long till sunset”, Grace Nakimera


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