Home Gossip Gravity Omutujju bashed for claiming he’s the “sexiest man breathing”

Gravity Omutujju bashed for claiming he’s the “sexiest man breathing”

Trouble Tabu Entertainment chief Gravity Omutujju faced the wrath of his followers on social media after he claimed that he is the ‘sexiest man breathing”.

The local rapper faced a series of abuse and insults from a section of his followers who disagreed with his opinion after he shared fresh good-looking photos of himself while chilling at a posh venue around Kampala.

He then captioned the photos describing himself as the “Sexiest man breathing“.

His opinion got some of his followers thinking that the weed he puffs had got at its peak whereas others likened his new looks and hairstyle to a Pine Apple.

Below are some of remarks from his followers that we scrolled through.

“sexiest has lost meaning then” – Brenda Antonia

Yeah is entitled to his opinion but as for his not even near to the word sexy” – Nakirya Doreen wrote

“The hair style makes him look like apine apple” – Were Denis added

Weed at its highest peak” – Chero

“Weed at work” – Fifi Hero added

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